Akron massage draping laws

I did the original research for information on this page in and I update it when I become aware of changes. Each state is marked with the last date that I looked at their rules.

Please contact me if you see information on this page that needs to be updated. Breast massage used only to treat medical conditions is legal in several additional states.

The client must consent to this treatment. Therapeutic massage of the full breast is therefore at least not illegal. Breast massage is, however, subject to all general massage rules such as those requiring appropriate training and avoiding sexual contact. Touch of nipples and areola prohibited. They do not have specific breast massage rules. The board is not actively writing any regulations on this topic, and I am not aware of a lobby to our state legislature to amend state law. If the client is a minor, the consent form must include the signature of the client's parent or legal guardian authorizing the procedure and outlining the reason for the procedure before the procedure is performed.

The breast of a female client may be treated only if there is a valid health maintenance request from the client or upon being presented with a prescription or referral from a qualified medical professional.

A written description and explanation is to be given before the massage begins and permission granted again before uncovering the breast. Treatments must be noted on the client's assessment form. The Board shall revoke the license for a period of three years of a licensee who engages in the practice of massage therapy of the breast tissue unless: a.

Breast Tissue massage shall only be done for the reduction of scar tissue following surgery, releasing myofascial binding or improving lymphatic flow. A massage therapist shall have a minimum of forty-eight 48 CEU hours in advanced training in techniques related to therapeutic treatment of breast tissue in lymphatic massage, myofascial massage, or oncology massage. Draping : from the rules document: Draping and treatment are provided in a way that ensures the safety, comfort, and privacy of the client and therapist.

Clients receiving a massage must be draped to assure that the pubic area and genitals are not exposed. F Providing massage of female breasts without the written consent of the person receiving the massage and a referral from a licensed California health care provider. Draping: The only specific mention of breasts is in the Massage Therapy Act Poor draping would fall under o and q violations.

Breast massage would constitute sexual contact, a b violation. The q violation is new, added by the recent bill and is not yet on the website probably not until the new laws are published in August.

Do you know the massage "draping" regulations in your (U. S.) state?

Thank you and please let us know if this helped! T hank you for your prompt response. Therefore, as I read the law, therapeutic breast massage is legal.Once legislation is signed by the governor, it becomes law.

The website for RCWs is a searchable database online. You may also access the state government website. If you're interested in obtaining a copy of any RCW, contact your local public library. A rule or Washington Administrative Code WAC is written to provide interpretive support for the people or entities to whom the rule applies. Department of Health rules are written and adopted by a board or commission, or the secretary of the Department of Health.

Draping Laws by State

Rules or WACs carry the full force of the law. Massage Therapist. Applications and Forms. Apply Online. Board Information. Section: Education Requirements Education Requirements. Child Pages Approved Schools. Approved Transfer Programs. Somatic Education Programs. Frequently Asked Questions. License Requirements. Section: Rules in Progress Rules in Progress.

New and Amended Rules. Revised Code of Washington. Other relevant RCWs are: Chapter WACs are available on the state government website. Chapter RCW Chapter WAC.A "happy massage" is a massage that ends with erotic contact between the client and massage therapist.

Usually, there are tip-offs that erotic contact is on the spa menu—for example, an innuendo in the name of the spa. The spa menu also might be worded in such a way that seems off, such as treatments using terms such as "all-body massage," "tantric massage," "thigh massage," or "body-to-body massage. In the United States, a happy massage is illegal and is not performed at legitimate spas. Under the law, happy massages are considered prostitution. Many spas that perform erotic massages are prostitution fronts and are frequently in the news for being raided by the police and shut down—which is something to keep in mind should you consider becoming a customer.

Customers who are present during a raid are at risk of being arrested. Another risk of seeking out a happy massage is being sent to a spa that intends to scam customers. Sometimes spas will advertise themselves using the tip-offs of erotic contact at spas and then charge customers a fee to get in, a drink fee, and a services fee—without ever performing the implied sexual actions.

Many massage therapists who are caught performing or offering happy massages face the risk of losing their license. Usually, however, this is only done after many sessions in which trust is built with a massage therapist. Regardless, if you feel uncomfortable during a massage, let the therapist know immediately. Happy massages are easier to find in overseas, especially in Thailand Bangkok and Indonesia Bali.

However, just because they're easy to find, it doesn't mean that they're legal. Cebu City in the Philippines is known for its lingam massages—which end with a massage of the "lingam"—but even that type of massage was made illegal in In Bali it is easy to find inexpensive, legitimate massages, but it is also fairly common to be offered a happy massage even if you weren't searching for one.

Akron massage draping laws

Prostitution is illegal, though generally tolerated in Indonesia, however for the past few years Indonesian authorities have been shutting down parlors offering erotic massages and parlors operating without the proper licenses. Thailand is well known for their happy massages, sometimes called special massages, and they are widespread. While prostitution is illegal in Thailand, erotic massage parlors can be registered as legitimate business.

Regardless of where you are in the world, do not assume that you can get erotic contact at a spa and be aware of the potential consequences should you receive or request erotic contact. Written by. Anitra Brown. Anita is a spa expert who has written about, worked in, and visited some of the world's best spas for the past 20 years. Tripsavvy's Editorial Guidelines. Fact-Checked by. Patrice J. About TripSavvy Fact-Checking.The idea is to remove barriers and does so by taking a minimalistic approach to draping.

Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional Polynesian style of massage. It is a healing art practiced by native Hawaiians with many forms or variances. Traditionally, these styles were passed down through the family. Some forms are hands-on while others include herbs, prayers and rituals.

As variations go, there are also several other names you might hear, such as Sacred Lomi, Mana Lomi or Hawaiian Temple. Specifically, my education resides within the Sacred Lomi style, taught by Tom Cochran.

Akron massage draping laws

A traditional practitioner may place their hands on you and remain still for a few moments while they say a prayer to themselves. Breathing techniques, chants and music are all ritual components often used during a session.

Nontraditional practitioners, such as myself, will forgo the opening prayer and chants. But rather begin the session with the same intentions as a typical massage. This style can be characterized as long, flowing, dance-like strokes that follow the full length of the body in a rhythmic style.

One in which multiple areas of the body are worked simultaneously with forearms, generous amounts of oil, gentle stretching and joint rotations. A session can last as long as 2 hours as this style encourages a deeper relaxed state and hones in on methodical movements. Because this style of massage works the entire body as a single unit, often times more of your body is uncovered than during a Swedish or deep tissue massage.

As a practitioner, check in with your local version of DHHS for state statues and laws regarding draping. Some states have a specified size of draping whereas others simply require a permission form signed from the client. Feel free to check with your licensed massage therapist and the facility, on specifications.

If the amount of exposure with lomi lomi massage sounds nerve racking, communicate that to your massage therapist. Additional draping can be added and lomi lomi massage can still be performed with the use of typical sheet draping. Keep in mind, the more conservative the draping, the less techniques and areas that can be worked.There are accupressure points in the feet that can be used to make a boner go down. I've asked that question before LOL. Hairy back with massage oil, all matted and slippery, eww.

Like washing a dog. If there's money exchanged, I guess it's illegal, but I never got caught doing anything illegal sexually - almost, but that doesn't count. Then there was a girl who said she was a masseuse, but I think she just wanted to play with my penis, so I let her and payed her a few dollars just to excited her.

So, if there's a "happy ending" - money was already paid - that is prostitution. I'm not making judgement, but that's the law in most states. Promise me, CheerGirl, I've considered you as a friend so long, you won't turn me into the authorities after getting away with it for so long?

Akron massage draping laws

Do you know how shitty that makes me feel? What's gone wrong with me? Never mind, it was fun - lots of fun Thanks for slapping some sense into me True, or just some underwear. CheerGirl Guru. My cousin is a Licensed Massage Therapist. She makes really good money, and tells me stories about clients and places she's worked all the time.

Apparently most if not all U. But she just moved from Tennessee to Hot Springs, AR, and there is actually a "butt crack" law there that she never heard of. Something like that only up to two inches of butt crack can be uncovered.

Akron massage draping laws

I laughed at that wondering if some butt crack inspector pops in with a tape measure during massages to make sure that they're in compliance. Typical female draping on her back: Typical male draping on his tummy. Pretty much the same for women. She says that a lot of people come there and claim that in there state, draping is optional, but she believes that to not be the case. Just wondering if anyone has any real proof or disproof of this.

I still crack up about the two inch butt crack limit. Share Facebook. Do you know the massage "draping" regulations in your U.The term "body rub" refers to massage therapy under Texas law. To give body rubs in Texas professionally, you must be licensed. This means completing at least hours of coursework and passing a background check.

If you perform this service without a license, you can be convicted of a misdemeanor, or you may face a felony charge and jail time if you're a repeat offender. Massages can be done by hand or with massage equipment. They can include such actions as stroking and kneading, and the use of oils, hot or cold packs, heat lamps, tubs and showers.

Before you can work as a massage therapist in Texas, you must obtain a license. A license is also required if you want to teach massage therapy, operate a massage school or operate a massage establishment. Generally, you are exempt from this requirement if you're a licensed chiropractor, physician, occupational therapist, nurse, physical therapist, cosmetologist or athletic trainer.

However, you are ineligible for a license if you have been convicted of prostitution or other sexual offenses. If you plead no contest to, or receive a deferred judgment for, a charge of giving massages without a license, you will be ineligible to obtain one. To perform body rubs, you must successfully complete at least hours of supervised instruction in massage therapy from a licensed massage instructor, licensed massage school or state-approved educational institution.

Your coursework will include such topics as Swedish massage techniques, anatomy, kinesiology and hydrotherapy. You will also be instructed in the state's laws and rules as well as health, hygiene, CPR and first aid. You must also participate in an internship program and pass the state written exam.

To obtain your massage license, submit an application and fee to the Texas Department of State Health Services. Once received, DSHS will conduct a criminal background check. If you've been convicted of a misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or a felony in the past five years, your application will be denied.

According to the Office of the Texas Attorney General, moral turpitude means behavior so removed from "ordinary standards of honesty, good morals, justice or ethics as to be shocking to the moral sense of the community.

Common examples include forgery, rape and robbery. Once licensed, you cannot perform massage therapy at a sexually oriented business, whether you are paid for your services or not. Such businesses are geared toward customer sexual stimulation or gratification, such as sex parlors and adult bookstores.

If your business is sexually oriented, you cannot use the terms "massage" or "bath" in signage or advertising. You could be fined and your license suspended, revoked, refused or not renewed. Other license violations include obtaining a license by fraud or misrepresentation and endangering the health, welfare and safety of public. Based on the West Coast, Mary Jane Freeman has been writing professionally sincespecializing in the topics of business and law.

Freeman holds a Master of Science in public policy and management and Juris Doctor. Freeman is self-employed and works as a policy analyst and legal consultant. July 21, About the Author. Photo Credits.Legal recognition of massage therapy and clearly stated requirements are critical to advancing the profession—and protecting the health and safety of massage consumers. Since its inception, AMTA has worked toward fair licensing and portability in all 50 states. Each day, our government relations team continues to fight for your right to practice massage therapy.

Learn how massage therapy regulation and licensing promotes the profession and protects clients' health. As the largest nonprofit professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and schools, AMTA invests membership dollars in advocacy and promotion of the health benefits of massage.

Protecting Massage Therapists' Right to Practice Legal recognition of massage therapy and clearly stated requirements are critical to advancing the profession—and protecting the health and safety of massage consumers. Learn more about our advocacy efforts. Regulations Resources Massage Therapy Credentials Learn more about certification, licensing and accreditation.

New Hampshire. New Jersey. New Mexico. New York. North Carolina. District of Columbia. North Dakota. Rhode Island.

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South Carolina. South Dakota. West Virginia.

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